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Give us a call on 020 8387 1515


Special plates for classic, rare, exotic cars, or something very special to be placed on any car.

These are one-off plates and will never be re-created. A truly inique product. The stages listed outline the process we go through with our customers to create a one-off pair of number plates for their enjoyment.

stage 1 brief



The first stage of our Couture Service is to work directly with the client and to formulate a detailed design brief together and to discuss the objectives for the process. This also gives both client and ourselves to fully understand each other, what is possible and what is not and to get a feel for the personality of the client and how to best bring this out in the final design.

stage 2 scanning



The development process starts with a digital white light laser 3D scan of the car from every angle to capture the data to an extremely high level of accuracy. Our scanning facility is completely portable to allow us to visit you at your residence or place of work. Alternatively we have a fully secure coded entry car park at our offices for customers wishing to visit us in person.

stage 1 brief



Once we have collected the data required from the digital 3D scan we begin the digital modelling development process. The scan files are stitched together digitally to create a full 3D polygon model of the car.

stage 4 modelling



With the stitching process complete the next stage is to convert the model from Polygons to Nurbs (Digital Mathematical Algorithms) to create a finished virtual reconstruction of the car to scale with a tolerance of +/- 1mm.

stage 5 plate



The next stage is the number plate development. With a detailed scale virtual model of the car we can now design the plate based on the initial brief to either compliment or accentuate the lines and curves of the car or to create something very different entirely. This stage is very much driven by the initial design brief.

stage 4 design



The physical design process is now enhanced with the graphical design process to create a one-off wallpaper design to highlight the plate. Once again this stage will be initially led by the design brief but at this stage there is more interaction with the client to design and develop the finished artwork to suit their requirements.

stage 7 final



The final stage is to bring all of the stages together to produce the finished plate. The digital files for both shape and graphical content are sent digitally to the factory for print and fabrication. The plates are made and delivered either direct to the client or to the office for fitting to the vehicle. All of our designer plates are fitted using the very latest state-of-the-art acrylic adhesives to ensure a strong bond and perfect fit.

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The Lamborghini Aventador is just one example of how we are able to provide a tailored service for one-off shaped front plates as well as one-off shaped rear plates.

The design brief objective for the Lamborghini Aventador was very clear from the outset – to design a plate which would fit better on the front of the Aventador and follow the natural lines and creases of the car. In this instance the client did not want a stand-out design or anything that would detract from the natural design of the car. The client wanted an understated yet completely unique set of plates that would look like they belonged to the car.

The client had tried many different options (most of which were not actually road legal) and wanted a solution that would provide the desired aesthetics and comply fully with British Standards to ensure that the number plates were also fully road legal.

couture service fourdot plates

Fig.1 The digital scan images shown illustrate how the front number plate has been designed with both a one-off outline shape and a physical line bend to fit with the curvature of the car. The result is simply stunning and a one-of-a-kind

couture service

Fig.2 The photographs for the front and rear of the car show how the outline of the front and rear plate and the bend in the front plate fit perfectly to the natural lines. The overhead shot highlights the line bend in the front plate and how it mirror matches the creases of the front of the Lamborghini Aventador.

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As a one-off service our Couture Range is tailored to each and every client and each and every vehicle. If you would like to discuss the service in more detail, or to arrange a visit to meet with the design team please get in touch.

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