BMW M3 G81 Black Signature Plates




Fourdot Custom Black Number Plates for BMW M3 G81

Introducing Fourdot’s bespoke, road-legal number plates designed explicitly for the iconic BMW M3 G81. Crafted to complement the exceptional aesthetics of this remarkable vehicle, our plates are a finishing touch that sets your M3 apart from the crowd. The primary colour of this elegant design is a sleek and sophisticated black, a choice that asserts both class and character.

Our Signature Range serves as a captivating option to the conventional rear yellow number plates. These plates seamlessly integrate into the unique contours and aesthetics of your BMW.

Key Features:

  • Perfect Fit: Each plate is shaped and sized to align perfectly with the M3 G81’s unique specifications, ensuring a flawless and streamlined appearance.
  • Premium Quality: Manufactured using high-grade, durable materials that withstand the elements, ensuring that your plate remains pristine through every journey.
  • Road Legal: Fully compliant with all relevant regulations, our plates are 100% road-legal, giving you peace of mind and style in one package.
  • Bold Aesthetic: The primary black colour offers a commanding presence, designed to integrate seamlessly with the M3’s aggressive and bold styling.
  • Easy Installation: Our plates are designed for effortless self-installation, with all necessary fixtures included.