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The DVLA 2016 BANNED List

The DVLA have released a list of all the naughty registrations they will be banning with the new “16” plate release. Personalised number plates get more and more popular every year with most trying to buy their initials or names for their number plate. Most are harmless but some of you want the naughty ones, however the DVLA have thwarted you again after banning a long list of offensive plates.

Some of the targeted registrations are B16 DKK, B16 BOM and B16 GAY. As you can imagine there are a lot of “big” things in there that are a no no to the DVLA powers that be. However to all of you white “KN16 GHT”s there are still plenty of great 16 plates on the market for you. So if you are a “RO16 ERT” or an “OL16 VER” keep you eyes on the market! Remember though a Private Registration is an important investment so you need to show it off with the best Number Plates in the UK so go to Fourdot and customise your plate today (that’s us by the way).

For your own amusement here are some of the banned plates to never to see the light of day:

**16 OMB     *B16 BOM     *B16 BOX     *B16 BUT 
*B16 COX     *B16 DCK     *B16 DKK     *B16 DYK 
*B16 FAG     *B16 FKD     *B16 FKK     *B16 FKR 
*B16 FKU     *B16 FOK     *B16 FWF     *B16 GAY 
*B16 GOT     *B16 HOR     *B16 MOT     *B16 MUF 
*B16 NOB     *B16 PRK     *B16 PUF     *B16 PUS 
*B16 PWF     *B16 PWS     *B16 SAC     *B16 SAK 
*B16 SHG     *B16 SHT     *B16 SLG     *B16 SLT 
*B16 TTS     *B16 TTY     *B16 TUG     *B16 WAR 
*N16 ERR     *N16 ERS     *N16 GAR     *N16 GAS 
*N16 GER     *N16 GGA     *N16 GGR     *N16 GRR 
*N16 GRS    *N16 GRY     *N16 GUR     *N16 NOG 
*N16 RRS     *N16 RSS     *P16 BOM     *P16 BOX 
*P16 BTP     *P16 BUT     *P16 COP     *P16 COX 
*P16 DCK     *P16 DKK     *P16 DPP     *P16 DYK 
*P16 FAG     *P16 FKD     *P16 FKK     *P16 FKR 
*P16 FKU     *P16 FOK     *P16 FWF     *P16 GAY 
*P16 GMP     *P16 GOT     *P16 HMP     *P16 HOR 
*P16 MET     *P16 MOT     *P16 MUF     *P16 NOB 
*P16 PNC     *P16 POL     *P16 PRK     *P16 PUF 
*P16 PUS     *P16 PWF     *P16 PWS     *P16 RUC 
*P16 SAC     *P16 SAK     *P16 SGT     *P16 SHG 
*P16 SHT     *P16 SLG     *P16 SLT     *P16 TTS 
*P16 TTY     *P16 TUG     *P16 WAR     *P16 WPC 
AM16 FKD     AM16 FKK     AM16 FKR     AM16 RNT 
AM16 WAR     BA16 AGS     BO16 AGS     BU16 ERD 
BU16 ERJ     BU16 ERP     BU16 ERR     BU16 ERS 
BU16 ERY     BU16 GAR     BU16 GER     BU16 GGR 
BU16 GRD     BU16 GRR     BU16 GRY     BU16 SHT 
CR16 PLE     CR16 PPL     DA16 GER     EM16 RNT 
EU16 GON     EU16 NON     EU16 OES     EU16 OFF 
EU16 ONE     EU16 OUT     EU16 YES     FA16 OTS 
OR16 ASM     PR16 CK*     PR16 K**     PR16 KK* 
TA16 AAN     TA16 ANN      TA16 ANS     TA16 ANZ 
TA16 BAN     TA16 BNN     TR16 ADS     TT16 TTS 

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